Kevin Leberge

Web Designer & Technical Support Professional

Wild Orchid Bistro & Sushi Lounge

Website for gluten-free bistro in Canmore Alberta.

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The problem: their existing website was not ranking well on search engines, was difficult for visitors to use, and the design was not reflective of the refreshing quality the restaurant and food.  The website was not easy for the staff to update as it was actually two separate websites that were combined together.

The solution: we rebuilt a responsive mobile-friendly website from the ground up into an up-to-date WordPress framework with direct integration into the restaurant’s Facebook promotional platform, online menu management system and TripAdvisor ratings system.

The result: the website is now attractive and easy to navigate for visitors from any smart phone, computer or tablet, and provides up to date photos, messages and restaurant menu specials directly from the restaurant’s Facebook page.  Visitors can also see testimonials and live reviews on the home page from patrons via TripAdvisor.

The restaurant staff, now keep the website up to date with promotions, menu specials and photos by keeping to their existing routine of posting on the restaurant’s Facebook page, and updating menu items and website text is now easily accomplished from any computer.   They also benefit from the added security of automatic website backups in the event of a crash.  On-site training was provided which allowed them to hit the ground running keeping their new website up to date on a weekly basis.